About me

My name is Wioletta Bujak - Certified Therapist of Systemic Constellations and Total Biology.

I am 48 years old. I come from a beautiful Polish land: Warmia and Mazury. I am a mother of three wonderful children. But my "our" life has taken few turns and at this moment we live in Great Britain.

I was educated at the root: with the best teachers and trainers in Poland and abroad. Currently, im learning from my mentor (coach),  a wonderful man and friend, world famous - Dr. Piotr Palagin, who focuses on a holistic approach, the voice of the soul and the laws of nature.

I have:

  1. Hellingers Systemic Constellations School of Bert Hellinger and G. Walper in (Poland and Germany). I am''Certified Therapist of Systemic Constellations''
  2. Diploma - Recall Healing: Total Biology I, II, III - Gilbert Renaud (Canada) as well as few other courses in that area in the direction of Biology and Recall Healing. ''Obesity, Anorexia an Digestive Disorders ''. Recall Healing - Gilbert Renaud ''Symbolism in life and dreams'' - Recall Healing/Total Biology Dr M.La Masa-Schrader
  3. Diploma 1,2 degree of II Point and Platform at the creators of the method - K.Świstelnicka and P. Kaliński
  4. Diploma : Thetea Healing -DNA course
  5. Frequent Meditations - At Aron's course: Phantom Operations!

From childhood on I was ''different'' as they say, i was always looking for something, my books were not '' The Little Prince'' or ''Children of Bulerbyn'' but rather The Prophecies of Nostradamus or Sibyl", I was always interested in parapsychology and questions:

  • What are we living for? Why so and not otherwise?
  • Why is the neighbor so well and rich? And someone else is always sick and poor?
  • What is it causing? What/who is behind it?

I never believed my grandparents when they  said, that "Luck wanted it that way".

Despite the fact that I graduated from the Technical Secondary School of Economics and worked in accounting, I was still looking for answers to questions that bothered me for years, which did not allow me to function normally.To top it all , a lot of bad things started to happen in my private life . This made me look for the reasons of such uninteresting events even more, events  so much experienced by me and my children in our lives. I remember the day when I couldn't cope anymore: Crying - I screamed ENOUGH.  It can't be like that! Always uphill!  Enough, this isnt my life. What have I done and to whom to make my life experience like that? This has to change! I deserve better !!!

"When we are no longer able to change the situation, we are forced to change ourselves."

-Viktor Frankl

Then something happened, something broke. Miracle happened, "The universe responded" to my call! Suddenly, on my way, I began to meet people who thought and spoke differently, people who were not envious, and were not looking for a culprit or an enemy but instead reached out with their hands and hearts and helped others. They did not fit into everyday life at all, but they fit me very well with what is playing in my soul. This is how i found the world of ''B Hellinger.''

I started a new phase of my life "Tabula rasa". More and more beautiful things were happening in my life like magic. I spent few years studying and working on myself. To this day, I meet famous and spiritual people and I am still learning. I am very grateful to them for everything: for their teachings, knowledge and for being "WITH ME" !! THANK YOU

"When I look at the world I'm a pessimist, but when I look at people I'm optimistic."

–Carl Rogers–

I worked through many emotions, family traumas, entanglements, programs that actually appeared in my life so that I could find my way and help other people.

I have always believed that in order to be able to work with people and help them, I should first "alone" deal with it, get to know it, experience it. Now I can fully say that I know what I am doing and that I know methods to help.

I want (I am ready) to share my knowledge, to give you a hand (like someone once did to me) so that you can also find yourself and your way.

If you are looking for changes and are ready for new ones, I am waiting for you - write me!!