A modern, light and pleasant method for the conscious creation of reality "in the field of the heart". It is a tool to change the patterns in us that are reflected in our environment. Everything that is happening here is happening at the quantum level."Twopoint", "The Matrix of Life", "Physics of Wonders", "Kinslow System", etc. are worth recommending.

Two-point method

It is a quick and effective method of healing "Life" on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Thanks to this method, many important and beneficial changes are made in a cilent, practically in every sphere of life. Whether it's health, money, or relationships. Very often helpful and used in working with beliefs.

How does it look like?

Each of us lives in our so-called  "Matrix", where all information about us, our lives, beliefs and everything that defines us are stored. Two-point is a way to get to the quantum field and a quick, simple way to transform unfavorable patterns.

The primary purpose of this method (energy matrix) is to transform our consciousness. All information about our life are stored there, as in the Akashic. By using this technique and entering the "heart field", we have access to the energy matrix. By expressing the right intention, we resonate with the best solution for any situation in our lives. It doesn't matter whether the matter is in the past, present or future. The problem with which the customer came can instantly change ,so-called transformate.

The Two-point method is for everyone and there are no limits. We use it on ourselves and others - adults and children, animals, plants, etc. Everyone has the right and can use it. Due to the fact that the matrix does not apply "Time", it can also be used remotely.

How does it look like?

The method is very simple

Following the instructions of the leader, step by step, relying on the field, "my heart salutes the heart of the universe", I connect with the matrix. I choose a topic for work, we look for a point (1) we connect with the issue, (2) we raise our hand as if we were taking a new solution from the matrix (good work, great earnings, etc.) my intention is the best solution in a given situation. I mentally connect my heart with both hands (2 points) and a triangle (2 points and heart) is formed.

At this point, the so-called collapse occurs. quantum wave. Be careful, do it close to the bed so as not to hurt yourself!  Lastly, thank for what has just happened.

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