Total Biology

New medicine, Creator Dr Hammer, Dr of medical sciences of Claude's Sabbah.

Dr. Hammer has demolished the previous claims of doctors about the processes of disease formation, thus giving great hope to patients. The New Germanic Medicine is a new approach to the causes of changes / disorders in the body, meaningful changes that help us survive.

Dr. Hammer started to change the way of thinking about the causes of "diseases" in the body 30 years ago. He argued that: the laws of nature have a great influence on health problems in our lives. He formulated and proclaimed the five laws of nature, for which he was expelled from the circle of medics and terribly persecuted. He also discovered the relationship between the psyche, the brain and organs. He introduced the rocket symbol - to illustrate and understand the cause of the dysfunction in the body.

Dr. Hammer also argued that if we can create the disease (change in the body) ourselves, then we can also make us recover.

The place of the disease in the body is not accidental. It is always related and dependent on the strength of emotions and feelings. For example, strong emotions about anger will build up in the liver, which in turn will begin to show up through the failure of that organ, in this case the liver. However, when we deal with anger or trauma, the symptoms of the indisposition begin to disappear.

Our brain, like a survival computer, turns on and off the so-called programs - the disease is one of them. The location (endo -, meso or ecoderm) is also important. At the time of e.g. trauma or extreme stress (fear of survival), the brain turns on an appropriate program to protect us. When a given situation, conflict, stress is dealt with, the brain turns off this program. Resolving the conflict (finding the cause and eliminating stress) causes the symptoms to disappear as if the disease or symptoms were not needed anymore and the recovery stage begins.

In my opinion, Total Biology is a proper and very effective method. Thanks to it, you can learn a lot about yourself, find and release a lot of emotions, thus turning off programs that do not serve us.

This method mainly involves talking, asking the right questions, and doing the right things that will lead us to the source of the conflict. By finding these stored emotions, realizing them, and expressing them to oneself, there is often a release. This method in combination with other methods is very useful in working with the client, which is why I often combine them, which means that we get to the bottom of the matter faster and more efficiently with the client.

Very often, after such a session, people change their lifestyle and diet, introduce natural supplementation, and more often pay attention to relieve everyday stress, e.g. by walking or meditating, so that nothing unnecessary is recorded in them. They bring your body into balance (homeostasis). Through appropriate actions, they strengthen the immune system - and this helps them recover fully, "in the recovery phase". Our immune system is built in a way that it can deal with all intruders on its own, otherwise just any bacteria would kill us.

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