Systemic Constellations

This method has been created by Bert Hellinger (1925-2019). Theologian, philosopher, humanist, educator and psychologist. He looked at people differently than others. He was interested in their personal abilities: success, health, life energy, professional and financial relations. Author of many books: "Orders of love, Love of the Spirit", etc. The main topics concern families, family tree and the flow of love / or lack of it.

What topic can we fix?

The answer is - each one of them. The client always comes with the most important thing for him/her, in which they need a change: e.g. the subject of health.

We fix : Depression, Trauma (death of a child, parent, accident, poor or toxic relationship with parents / partner or difficulties in raising a child, losses, divorces, work, wealth, company,etc.

All those are the most often fixed problems and it looks like this :

Client tells you what she/he came with and in what field he/she is looking for changes

The therapist usually asks a few questions, and then, using the representatives, or (small wooden people like statues), makes the so-called Insight, by observing the representative and the client, reaches the picture with the deep hidden dynamics of the case.

What are Systemic Constellations :

Systemic Constellations are a type of psychotherapy with broader possibilities also called - Hellinger's, family or constellations. It is a method of working on bonds, entanglements in life - family and relationships.

A powerful insight tool. Helping to improve mental functioning, heal life problems or relationships in the family system.

Have you thought at least once in your life that what happens to you (failures, boring work, diseases etc.) may not be yours? That they could be, for example, your grandfathers? That your fear, anxiety, awkwardness or tearfulness can be emotions and experiences - your ancestor - transferred to you?

Can you imagine it?

And yet :

The laws of the family system, as discovered by B. Hellinger, are "Love of the Spirit", system dynamics, "Orders of Love" and belonging. It includes not only relatives in the family, but also unrelated, dead and excluded. A law under which everyone is to be treated equally. She/he has the right to belong to the family system, no matter what she/he has committed in her/his life, what she/he has done or not.

Often the source of the client's problems, such as: bad relationships, diseases, finances, failures is caused by the exclusion of a person from the system - such people can be, for example, deceased children, removed children, miscarriages. Women who died in childbirth, in puerperium, but also people who are spoken of badly and with contempt (because he drank or killed!), They are the ones mostly forgotten by us, thus excluding what may be the cause of the above-mentioned problems in the client's life.

Bert Hellinger's System Constellations is a method that allows you to find emotions, traumas, blockades, etc. stored in us (the Family). and freeing them from our body.

Not working through that energy: emotions, relationships or attitude towards, for example, FATHER - in our everyday life it can very strongly affect our work, finances or career!

The father is an authority for our subconscious! archetype - anima.

“The most intense conflicts, when resolved, leave behind a sense of security and peace that is not easily disturbed. It is only these intense conflicts and their heat that are needed to achieve valuable and lasting results."

-Carl Gustav Jung

During Systemic Constelations, we work with the so-called the "knowing field". The energy flowing from the field through the representatives shows in reality what is blocking or influencing the client in his life. We often see strange emotions of anger, pain, aggression, fear, screaming, and even freezing - freezing, immobility in the representative. However, the Constellation is intended to bring the LOVE energy from mom to dad and into life. Nothing is more important than finding that thread of love again.

After the constellations, often people start to look at their relatives and family differently, often strongly feuded over the years - they suddenly meet up and start talking, change their lives, give in to being led - to fate, they understand, they know that everything and everyone in their life is for something . There are no coincidences, and what happens to them only leads to the disclosure of things (a secret, a truth that was deeply hidden somewhere in a person or in the family. Releasing it leads the client to a new life, often the participants say: I don't know what happened, but my life has changed by 180 degrees. And that's Beautiful, because that's what it's all about and that's what we're looking for: change for the better.

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